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How to strike a balance with legal technology

With the rise of technology increasingly saturing the legal industry, it begs the question of how lawyers can strike a balance with technology, what mistakes lawyers are still making, the greatest challenges in this part of the sector, and what skills lawyers must utilise in conjunction with law tech in order to thrive in a highly competitive market

“Lawyers who use technology will replace lawyers who don’t because they won’t be sufficiently efficient going forwards,” asserts Tony Randle, partner at Shoosmiths and head of the firm’s tech and innovation product offering, Shoosmiths8. With the boundless surge in technology permeating the legal industry, the type of legal tech that exists now is “far more disruptive and powerful”; its capability is “straying into areas that are going to have a positive impact on lawyering” by providing a service to clients that is “faster, quicker and more accurate than a human lawyer”.

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