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DAC Beachcroft offers TrialView in Ireland

DAC Beachcroft is offering a virtual courtroom in Ireland to expedite litigation and simplify remote hearing processes for clients in the area of professional regulation.

The Dublin office of international law firm DAC Beachcroft (DACB) has announced it is offering its clients the use of TrialView, a virtual courtroom, following a “successful pilot”.

TrialView is a platform where participants can join virtually to conduct and take part in litigation “easily and efficiently”.

DACB said the platform will provide their clients the ability to expedite remote hearings and trials, and save time through the use of built-in tools to digitalise and share documents. 

The built-in tools on TrialView reportedly safeguard against connectivity issues so parties can be assured that witnesses are in the room at any given time. Additionally, passive participants, including members of the public, can join open sessions using a link.  

In addition, there are consultation rooms to allow active participants to come out of the main hearing room and enter private rooms for discussions with their teams. 

In addition to providing virtual rooms, TrialView also offers a court bundle builder tool, which digitalises documents and allows for “easy sharing” through a private data room.

Gary Rice, head of DACB Dublin’s Professional, Public and Regulatory team, said: “Virtual hearings have been successful, so it’s possible that these types of hearings will continue to be a feature of the Irish legal system in the longer term. 

“Having TrialView in place means that, with the agreement of the judge and the opposing side, we can push ahead with hearings and trials, saving our clients, the courts and all parties involved a significant amount of time – particularly given the current backlog in the courts.”  

Niall Sexton, senior associate, said: “The platform provides a one-stop shop for everything we need to conduct inquiries and hearings. We’re able to speed up litigation and hearings that would otherwise have to wait for another platform to become available.

Lisa Broderick, commercial litigation partner, added: “It is also very suitable for commercial litigation and mediations and to use as a secure data rooms in crisis situations. It’s a very exciting technology and provides a solution with countless benefits for our clients.”

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