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Dentons announces new client offering

The website redevelopment includes cross-practice content to ‘address key client challenges’.

Global law firm Dentons has announced a new suite of service offerings to clients, and a refresh of its website to “align more closely with how its clients operate in the world”. 

Dentons is introducing a new webinar insight programme for clients that reportedly includes a range of programmes from strategy and leadership to market trends, people, operations and personal development.

Additionally, the firm is also making cross-practice content available on its website, along with new service and solutions hubs to “address key client challenges”.

Dentons said the revamped website “provides insight and value based on client interests, to frame the services and capabilities of Dentons’ lawyers and professionals based on the outcomes it helps clients achieve”.

Elliott Portnoy, global CEO of Dentons, said: “The repositioning of our services and our new website demonstrate how we continue to listen to the needs of our clients, to understand their business objectives, in order to deliver the services that help grow, protect, operate and finance their organisations across the globe.” 

Joseph Andrew, Dentons’ global chairman, added: “In this New Dynamic Decade, our clients are asking for more help with strategic business questions all with the ultimate goal of enabling their organisations to be more successful.

“Dentons has aligned our services to the strategic and operational priorities of our clients to reflect that we understand their business and we are focused on their objectives.”

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