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Irwin Mitchell launches new legal helpline for British Rowing

The legal helpline is also set to be offered to other national governing bodies across the UK to take away ‘day-to-day burdens’, allowing sporting bodies to focus on other objectives

Irwin Mitchell has announced it will be providing British Rowing with a new legal helpline as part of a set of measures in support of the organisation’s governing body and wider UK sport, and it is set to launch on 10 November 2021.

The helpline will take away “day-to-day burdens” and it will allow British Rowing to focus on their “key objectives” of engaging with the wider community and growing their sport.

Set to be offered to other national governing bodies across the UK, Irwin Mitchell said the intention is to see the helpline service support more communities, create more connections and generate more opportunities for British Rowing in the months and years ahead.

The firm continues to support British Rowing on legal work related to their activities, and the launch of the helpline follows the success of a similar service established to support England Rugby in August 2020.

The England Rugby helpline has reportedly proved an “invaluable resource” to the community development team.

Irwin Mitchell already works in partnership with British Rowing’s in-house legal team, its 530 affiliated clubs, over 200 events and 27,000 members to support their legal needs and the helpline is designed to offer additional practical support. 

Alex Lloyd, head of contact and senior associate, said: “We’re delighted to be in a position to launch this legal helpline for British Rowing as a key part of our ongoing package of support measures to make life easier for their in-house teams and rowing clubs across the country. 

“Our helplines have proved a big success in supporting some of our great sporting bodies to focus on what they do best and we’re proud to be initiating the same service for British Rowing.” 

Kenny Baillie, director of Partnerships and Communications at British Rowing, said: “We’re really pleased to be launching the legal helpline and portal for our affiliated clubs today. It’s a real priority for us to ensure our clubs are as well-equipped, supported and informed as possible, so it’s fantastic to be able to bring them this exciting and practical new service. 

“This initiative will also enable more of our staff to focus their energies on other projects, ensuring British Rowing is in the best position to effectively deliver against our key objectives.”

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