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Reliance on IT increases cybercrime threats, SRA warns

Firms acting for clients who operate nationally ‘significant’ infrastructure could be at higher risk, as could firms acting for Ukrainian, Russian or Belarussian clients

Law firms’ increasing dependence on IT systems is reportedly creating more opportunities for cyber criminals to carry out focused attacks, the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) has warned.

According to the SRA, cybercriminals are aware that firms are focusing on the security of their IT systems, meaning cyber criminals can make “greater use” of false physical documents or newly emerging scams to carry out attacks using voice-modification software in calls to impersonate a solicitor

The SRA’s new Risk Outlook report found that newer ransomware steals data as well as encrypting it, with criminals likely to pressure firms by threatening to release sensitive information, and the SRA is now receiving reports from law firms of this.

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