Barrister Kevin Farquharson ordered to be disbarred

Farquharson was previously sentenced to six-months imprisonment and suspended for 18 months for sexual assault

Barrister Kevin Stewart Farquharson was ordered to be disbarred by an independent disciplinary tribunal which concluded on 21 October, following charges of professional misconduct brought by the Bar Standards Board (BSB).

The tribunal’s decision follows Farquharson being convicted at Cardiff Magistrates’ Court on 18 March 2021 for a sexual assault which took place on 28 September 2019, for which he was sentenced to six-months imprisonment and suspended for 18 months.

The tribunal reportedly found that Farquharson had also sent a text message to his victim asking her to respond to a future text from him with a scripted message he had prepared which was “not a truthful account” of the events on the day of the assault. 

It also found that Farquharson had sent a message to another barrister asking them to lie about events at the time of the assault.

Additionally, the tribunal found that Farquharson had engaged in conduct which was “likely to diminish the trust and confidence which the public places in him or in the profession”, and had acted in a way which could “reasonably be seen by the public to undermine his integrity”, said the BSB.

A BSB spokesperson said: “Mr Farquharson’s conduct of sexually assaulting another person and then making dishonest efforts to conceal it is clearly incompatible with the standards expected by the public from barristers. The tribunal’s decision to disbar him reflects this.”

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