BSF’s Natasha Harrison to step down as deputy chair

International travel restrictions as a result of the pandemic caused Harrison ‘significant and persistent challenges’ when working at the US-based firm

Litigation firm Boies Schiller Flexner (BSF) has told its employees that Natasha Harrison has stepped down from her role as deputy chair at the group.

Based in London, Harrison had taken up the position in December 2020 following a year of serving as co-managing managing partner at BSF.

However, international travel restrictions as a result of the pandemic caused Harrison “significant and persistent challenges” when working at the US-based firm.

In an internal announcement BSF told its employees: “International travel restrictions have prevented Natasha from spending the kind of time in the US, actively engaging with the leadership team, the firm and our US-based clients, that she feels is necessary to fulfill the obligations of the deputy chair position.

“It has underscored for her the professional and personal difficulties, which will continue even after Covid travel restrictions subside, of serving as deputy chair from London rather than from the US.”

The group assured its staff members that the impact on the firm will be minimal, with Harrison also maintaining her role as managing partner and a member of the executive committee.

The announcement said: “You may understandably be asking how much this decision will impact the day-to-day operations of the firm. The immediate answer is: very little.”

It added: “In some ways, this news demonstrates the significant progress we have made in democratizing and institutionalizing the leadership of BSF as we have transitioned to the next generation of leaders. 

“The managing partners will continue to oversee daily operations in consultation with members of the executive committee, who work with the MPs to provide the strategic direction for the firm.”

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