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Queen Elizabeth approves 101 QC appointments

The appointment ceremony will take place at Westminster Hall on 21 March 2022, where the lord chancellor will formally award the titles.

Queen Elizabeth has approved the appointments of 101 barristers and solicitors as new Queen’s Counsel (QC) in England and Wales, as well as eight new honorary Queen’s Counsel (QC Honoris Causa). 

The eight honorary QCs include Jeffrey Golden, an attorney, academic and joint head of chambers at 3 Hare Court, Elizabeth Wilmshurst CMG who is a solicitor, fellow of Chatham House and an academic expert member of Doughty Street Chambers, and Alexander Ruck Keene, a barrister and visiting professor at King’s College London.

Also joining are Camilla Parker who is a solicitor, legal academic and member of the Law Society’s Mental Health and Disability Committee, Alexandra Gay Beldam who is the registrar of the Court of Appeal Criminal Division, and David Hodson OBE who is a family law solicitor and deputy judge.

Professor Duncan Fairgrieve, a legal academic and expert in comparative law, and Andrea Coomber, a solicitor and barrister specialised in international human rights law, also join as honorary QC.

Honorary QCs are awarded to those who have made a “major” contribution to the law of England and Wales, outside practice in the courts.

The lord chancellor will preside over the appointment ceremony at Westminster Hall on 21 March 2022, where he will formally bestow the title of QC upon the applicants and award the honorary QCs.

Dominic Raab, lord chancellor and justice secretary, said: “I’m delighted today to announce this year’s QC awards.

“I want to congratulate all recipients of this title on their forthcoming appointments and awards. The award of QC is highly sought after, and the expertise and eminence of this year’s pool is testament to the excellence of our world-leading legal sector.”

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