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UK independent legal team to tackle international crypto disputes

The network is aimed at providing redressal against crypto-related fraudulent activities.

Crypto experts across the UK’s legal industry have announced the launch of the Crypto Fraud and Asset Recovery (CFAAR), a network aimed at providing redressal against crypto-related fraudulent activities. 

It is composed of a group of legal industry professionals including lawyers, barristers, forensic accountants, corporate intelligence and asset recovery experts. 

The launch is attributed to the rise in fraudulent activities involving theft, initial coin offerings and ransomware attacks. The CFAAR team intends to “respond robustly and effectively” to crypto crimes and fraud by providing “the best possible means of redress.”

CFAAR’s founding members are Asset Reality, Essex Court Chambers, Grant Thornton, Osborne Clarke, Rahman Ravelli, RPC, Stewarts and Twenty Essex.  They are practitioners leading the “first crypto-related disputes before the English courts”.

Commenting independently on CFAAR’s launch, Lawrence Collins, former Justice of the UK Supreme Court, said: “London has long been a pre-eminent financial and professional centre, but unfortunately it may also be turning into a centre for international financial crime.

“CFAAR is uniquely placed to build networks to develop remedies to prevent exploitation and to assist victims.”

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