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Managing long-Covid in the workplace: an employer’s guide

With Plan B measures coming to an end on Thursday 27 January and self-isolation periods shortening, employees might feel pressured to return to work sooner than they feel comfortable to do so due to workplace pressures regarding staff shortages across the country. Laura Kearsley, partner and solicitor specialising in employment law at Nelsons, discusses what employers can do to ensure their workers feel safe and supported as restrictions continue to lift.

While Plan B measures were put in place to combat the spread of the Omicron variant, several industries across England have experienced staff shortages due to Covid-related absences. 

While the end of these restrictions are seen by many as a positive step towards “normality”, employers should be cautious in how they communicate with workers who have recently contracted Covid-19 who, despite passing all the new self-isolation criteria, are still feeling unwell and potentially not ready to return to work.

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