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BSB to work with chambers to promote standards, equality and access 

While the director general made clear that the BSB is not seeking to regulate chambers themselves, he said that he ‘wanted to encourage them all to adopt best practice in these areas’

The director general of the Bar Standards Board (BSB), Mark Neale, has encouraged practice managers to work alongside the BSB to promote standards, equality and access at the Bar.

In a speech to the Legal Practice Management Association, Neale set out the BSB’s strategy for the next three years and stressed the vital role of chambers in:

  • promoting high standards – by acting as the conduits for feedback to barristers on their performance;
  • ensuring equality and inclusion – particularly in the areas of recruitment, work allocation and career progression;
  • countering bullying and harassment; and
  • in facilitating access for consumers – by improving consumers’ understanding of the services barristers can provide and of the price and quality of those services.

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